About Us


Skypay offers multimedia online top up services to overseas residential and business customers worldwide.

We are located at Middle East. Our objective is to establish a leading international payment and transaction services by the delivery of secure and cost-effective channels form our customers. We create a transparency in the online payment industry. Our unique approach is to make it compare and select the payment methods and find payments of different service providers that serve consumer needs. And also give the opportunity to all payment service providers’ products and services delivery globally.

Our prime aim is to make awareness to the overseas residents about online recharges and easy-to-use cost effective online services for their regular financial requirements such as money sending, bringing entertainment software, communication credits etc… Our core ability is to help our consumers and clients to search and to find the online payment options of back office cost less or eliminated products from market and we have already introduced these services in our web portal. We have a well experienced team in global online commerce. We provide for our customers truly working global recharge platform, to bring convenient products and services from almost all parts of the world.


Skypay is a silent partner in thousands of companies and millions of consumers.



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Mail: mail@skypay.me