We recommend general tips for online account security.       

Log on to the account by typing the URL in the address bar to make sure that the page opening up is from the genuine website. Enter your user-id and password only in our genuine website, Do not leave your computer unattended; if you are signed in to the SKYPAY account, take the time to 'Logout' from the service and close all browser windows successfully. When you open the SKYPAY account all other browser windows must be closed. Never share your password with anybody. Keep it as secret and make different passwords for other accounts. Do not write or enter your sensitive data in a note book, computer desktop or documents in common file, mobile etc. By doing so the data may be leak out easily.  

Make a strong password that must have more than six different characters and types. It should be digits or lowercase or uppercase. Create password by mixing up of alphabetic and numeric sequences. Don’t use simple words and keyboard patterns. Create a unique password that should not be related to your personal information. Avoid using your date of birth, names of place or person, vehicle number or the last four digits of your phone number because such things may be guess easily.  Do not use the account from an un-trusted system and public internet cafe. Changing your password regularly may leads to unauthorized access of your account.

Do not provide your sensitive data in any unknown websites or Pop-up advertisements. They request business or person's identity or financial information are likely fraudulent. We advise you to never use your SKYPAY account user name and password on another website for creating any kind of accounts. 

Make sure that you update your email address regularly in SKYPAY account profile, so that you can receive emails if you need to reset your password. You have to keep your e-mail as confidential for protecting SKYPAY account password.Do not provide your account information to anyone who calls you. If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any link or reply and delete it. Sometimes hijackers or criminals may send believable emails such as winning lottery, cash price or foreign people fund deposit to your account or may talk same like quite reasonable manner and then request to give customer’s account details. Remind that these all attempts totally fraudulent purposes for accessing your account. We will not be email you to ask for update your account, password or other sensitive information.

Fraud Awareness. Do not click advertisements blinking pop up messages in any sites. You should not open or install attachments or free software or unknown software download from social networking sites  or online news websites or any unknown sources and understand its contents may be Malware (malicious software)- that are designed to damage a computer system or installed hacker software without downloading permissions.Download applications from official app stores like Google Play or Apple App store or genuine website. Updated security and system software can protect your computer from malware threats. You   should use the latest version of browsers. Computer software should be upgrade and use only genuine products. Install the strong Antivirus software (Anti-spyware and anti-virus protection).

We employ a range of security features: a login password and transaction key word and two levels of security for executing financial transactions. The system enforces a session expiry following a defined period of inactivity you should never leave your computer unattended. If you want to change transaction key word, login password, mobile number or email ID, you must enter the old data accurately. If any data does not match with the old data, you cannot change the required data. We will enable other silent security system for protecting customer account from cyber criminals.